Times of India makes the worst mistake ever! Prints RIP Sachin Tendulkar

You won’t believe what India’s one of the top Newspapers did today! While everyone is still recovering from the shock of Phil Hughes’ death that happened when he got hit by a ball above his neck during a state game, Times of India gave everyone the biggest shocker with their Biggest and silliest goof-up. The newspaper printed RIP Sachin Tendulkar instead of RIP Philip Hughes while mentioning Sachin’s tweet in their paper.

RIP sachinSource

Here is what Sachin had tweeted for Phil

sachin's tweet

Soon after reading this erroneous and goofy version of Sachin’s tweet, the smart and active users on Twitter blasted the entire internet with their funny tweets tagging both Sachin and Times of India.

7 tweets

8 tweets

9 tweets

10 tweets

11 tweets

12 tweets

1st tweet

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Wait a minute! This is not the first time something like this has happened, the Spanish footballer ‘Raul‘ was printed as ‘Rahul’ in a Times of India headline sometime earlier this month.

Rahul meets Raul