Strictly for cats! Artist makes a hilarious guide for cats on how to sleep with their humans

The brilliant artist behind hilarious, catty and witty illustrations on has shared her latest work. Like always, this one is about all the cats out there. The artist loves cats and their true nature. Her awesome guide for all the cats on how to sleep with their human is both witty and cute highlighting the awesome relationship shared between the two.

The artist’s website reads, “Cat lovers, cat haters, cat-don’t-give-a-fuck-ers… This website’s for you”. Her style and amazing illustrations will become your favourite if you are a cat-person. Here are top 10 top 10 positions to sleep with your human.


2. the asphyxia

3. the creep - I am watching you


who's the boss

5. the minefield

6. the octopus

7. the present

8.the whos the super boss


the jet lag


marriage counselar