18 People you should thank this Thanksgiving week!

How many people you think contribute to your daily life? Have you appreciated the help they extend towards you?

This Thanks Giving Day take some time out to say ‘Thank you’ to those who make your life perfect by doing significant good things behind your back. :)

1. Your parents

They made you what you are. Thank them for the love they share with you.



2. Your brother/sister who keeps your secrets safe, arranges your bed and travel bag, irons your clothes, hugs you tight when you need it, showers you with love all the time and teases you when you look cute to them.

When did you last thank them?



3. Your best friend

Your best friend is your brother/sister outside home. Your beautiful relationship of love, support, friendship, sometimes brotherhood/sisterhood and care is unnaturally true. When did you last thank your best friend for doing so much for you?

best friendsSource


4. Your office boy

This boy does all the important things at work for you without him you will have a hard time at work. When did you last thank him?



5. The chai waley uncle/aunty

For the awesome cups of chis he makes for you that without them office breaks won’t be fun. When did you last thank him?

Tea Chai seller on the street, Varanasi Benares IndiaSource


6. Your Kaam Wali bai

She cleans the house including your room. Without her, you won’t be able to spend more than 2 nights in your room. When did you last thank her or appreciate the work she does?




7. The ‘chotu’ who takes care of your 2 years old sibling and plays with her so that you can study

That small boy also runs errands in the house. Without him, you will have a hard time studying or working at home. When did you last thank this boy?



8. The guy who picks litter from your house so your house doesn’t smell of rubbish

This guys helps you maintain hygiene in your house and also comes to clean the drains without any uniform or gears. This guys half his time during the with your house’s rubbish. When did you last thank for the kind of job he does?

garbage collectorSource


9. The milkman

Without him, your day begins on a bad note because you missed having your cup of morning milk or tea. When did you last thank him?

the milkmanSource


10. Your school/college van’s driver

Without them you will never be able to go to school or reach home in comfort. When did you last thank him?

bus driverSource


11. The newspaper boy

Your  first visit to the toilet in the morning will go boring without the newspaper that this guy brings every day to you. Without him, you won’t know what happened in your field of education or business. When did you last thank him?

newspaper boySource


12. A stranger who saves you a seat in the bus/metro/train

When did you thank them?

bus mates



13. That uncle/aunt/colleague/friend/sibling/stranger you know who inspires you

Sometimes we have our favourite uncle, friend, stranger, etc., who inspires us with their powerful words and warm heart. It is time you thank them!

Source inspires you


14. A person in your family who has held your family together

This person needs a kiss on the cheek along with a thank you message from you!

holding the family togetherSource


15. Thank someone who introduced you to better music, books, bakery, travelling, spirituality, etc.

They introduced you to something which is a part of you now. Did you thank them?

first bookSource 


16. Thank your lover

For introducing you to real love.

your partnerSource


17. Thank your favourite Politician who is right according to you.

Yes, do it!

narendar modiSource


18. Thank your building/lane/society’s security guard

Thank him for keeping your vicinity safe.

Tell us how many people you thanked today in the comments section! Ciao!

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