12 wanderlust destinations for backpacking trips in India

If you are the one with itchy feet driven by an impulsive desire to travel with just your jeans, t-shirt and a tooth brush stuffed in your backpack- GOOD NEWS!  You are at the right place as we bring to you 12 awesome backpacking destinations for the wanderlust in you.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

The mesmerizing waterfall is worth the trek. You will feel at peace with the stunning terrains, and lush green forests



2. The Leh Manali Highway!

Everyone loves to get here. If you plan to backpack alone or if you like to get your friends along, this is one destination which will not only make you feel accomplished but it will also help you understand and appreciate the simplicity which engulfs nature.



3. Ladakh, the land of high passes

If you connect backpacking to spirituality, Ladakh is one place you should go on a backpacking trip with your travel mate. This place will bring you to a point when you would want nobody to trouble you with phone calls or text messages with a strong desire to cry out as you drown yourself in the beauty of this place.


4. Sikkim, another one for Spirituality

Take a break from all the noise and set forth for a spiritual journey to Sikkim. The peaceful environment, the tranquil monasteries where you can sit down with monks and talk for hours about life and the friendly faces of the locals will lead you to inner peace.

Don’t miss to explore Namchi in the south of Sikkim.



5. Kanyakumari

What will you do if you find your self at the end of the land? Witness the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal in Kanyakumari and have the time of your life exploring the land ending point of India.



6. Rajasthan

Explore the deserts, devour Rajasthani food, get pampered like a royalty and cruise around riding on a camel in the brilliant looking golden deserts of Rajasthan.



7. Gokarna, the serene temple town

Have a great time at the peaceful and pristine beaches of Gokarna. A place you can be yourself and no other! A backpacking trip here will help your senses unwind.



8. Backwaters of Kerala

Take a house boat, stay at the back waters of Kerala and rejuvenate your body and soul with the many Ayurveda spa treatments. You will thank yourself for choosing the place!



9. Dzukou Valley

Located at the border of Manipur and Nagaland, Dzukou Valley is beautifully spread with different flora and fauna especially during the spring and an ice cold stream that flows through it. Backpacking here will help you witness natural beauty at its best!

dzouko valleySource


10. Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

Darjeeling can actually give you the best experience ever to watch the whole atmosphere get drenched in the colours of the rising sun over the Mt. Kangchenjunga. You will feel that the scenic beauty of this place is somewhat calling you to come down on every vacation you take.



11. Hampi, Karanataka

History buffs could head to Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagar Empire sometime in the yesteryear. A short trek to Matanga Hill could give you 180 degree view of the picturesque temples and towers spread in this small village of Karnataka. This place is one of the best heritage destinations.



12. The Loktak Lake

A backpacking trip to this floating lake will set your mood. You will find that the nature can not only make you feel content and happy but can also heal the soul.

loktak lakeSource