This awesome choir singing hilarious Diwali carols is all you need to listen to today!

There is no doubt that there are certain things that every Hindu typically does on Diwali- using left over Holi colours to make rangoli, giving each other expired boxes of dry fruits, giving bakshish to a thousand people, expecting bonus on Diwali, wearing new clothes we bought during the sale and playing cards. Popular YouTube channel, East India Comedy has shared a hilarious video that sums up everything we do during Diwali through cheeky and funny Diwali carols. Yes, carols! The channel got a great choir to sing the amazingly hilarious Diwali carols.

Deck The Floors!

Ultimate Diwali Carols

Ultimate Diwali Carols hr

Ultimate Diwali Carols rangoli

The Five Days Of Diwali

the first day of

Ultimate Diwali Carols dhanteras

The fifth day of Diwali- Bhau Beej (Bhaiya Dooj)

bhai zone

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