Perfect video sums up what every vegetarian thinks about people who eat chicken

In their new series, ‘every_______ in the world’, popular YouTube channel, BeingIndian has shared a hilarious video that speaks about every vegetarian found in our country. They all call themselves vegetarians but they all have tried non-vegetarian food once in their lives. They sometimes eat chicken tikka secretly in their rooms, they even know soyabean chaaps taste like meat and they all eat eggs for breakfast, but they still like to call themselves vegetarians. For them, being a vegetarian is like following a religion.


With this video the popular channel wants to show how ridiculous some vegetarians could be?


Vegetarians have good character!

excuse me

They will not even come near you if they know you ate chicken.


Being called a non-vegetarian is like an abusive word to them!

non vegetarian

They have all had chicken once in their lives.


Watch his hilarious video and have a laugh at every stupid vegetarian in the world.

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