This retard girl wants a boy to update his Relationship status on Facebook to pass her loyalty test #IdeaLogic

To prove that you are loyal to your girlfriend you should update your relationship status on Facebook, if you won’t do that then you will fail the loyalty test and you won’t be her ‘Honey Bunny’ any more.

Before you think of abusing me after reading the above, let me tell you that these are not my views. This logic came from the retards behind Idea Cellular’s recent ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ campaign.

See this TVC below. You can vent out your frustration in the comment section at the end of this post.

Recently Idea Cellular also came up with ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ Anthem. You will feel like hitting the people who are responsible for making such ads. It was damn irritating and Idea Cellular did spend a lot of money to irritate Indians with its crappy Anthem. I will leave you with this gem. Enjoy!

PS: ‘Honey Bunny’ ads were equally bad and irritating.