10 over-dramatic things men and women do, post breakups

Breakups and patch ups are in trend these days, but over the years I have seen different, rather strange reactions from both the genders.

For girls crazy ones will cry their eyes out throughout the years, emotional ones will enter the depression zone and the sensible ones will understand and move on!

On the other hand, for guys, it will be a totally different scenario. They will be seen as dependent on alcohol and cigarettes for a while and then maybe a trip to Goa will help them forget about their exes for a while, but once after a considerable time zone has passed, they will start remembering their girl and so the crying will start.

Following are the different ways to how differently a girl and a boy will react, after a break up.

Girls’ reactions:

1. Stalking social media profile

Girls will be girls. They will get up in the morning, open the ex’s FB profile, open the option of block and just before clicking it, their minds will start thinking about all the disadvantages of blocking the ex. The thoughts will range from “I will post my hot pics from the gym with cute guys” to “I will see who will he click his next selfie with”. In the mean time the screen changes from block option to his profile, and in no time she’ll start scrolling down to check whether he has kept their pictures or not.

2. Eating tons of food  

“Oh well let the guy go to hell”. All the green teas and oats will be replaced by Coke and Uncle chips. The list of phone numbers of Gyms and dietitians will be replaced by the numbers of Chinese restaurants and pizza parlors!
It’s scientifically proven that food enhances your mood, but so does music, a long walk and running on the trade mill. So my dear girls, do not spoil your fantastic figure just because a normal guy can’t understand your worth.
It’s difficult, but move on, minus the food!

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3. Deleting his contact number
After tons and tons of trials finally she’ll delete the number and then for a moment she will feel at the top of the world. Then, a friend comes and will tell her that the ex was remembering her. Within no time she will dial the number without any hesitation.

Girls! They can’t remember how many pair of shoes they have but when it comes to phone numbers and event dates, nobody can beat them.

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4. Hello alcohol!
“So what if we broke up, big deal everybody does. I will go shopping, bring home a sexy dress, go to the disc and get drunk enough.”

No. That is not how it works. Finding a soul mate is a matter of understanding and luck. You will find him when you are least bothered. Be yourself. Somebody out there will understand your worth.


5. Connecting with sad movie endings
“This is so similar to my break up. I guess the director saw our break up and could not have thought of any other ending.”

STOP ! Movies will be made, the actors will be successful, the director will win an IIFA, but you’ll be stuck with your ex and a sad movie ending?

WHY?? The world is moving ahead and so should you. Or else just keep thinking of the sad ending and rot yourself. The choice is yours.

6. Every Sunday breakup party

“Oh, well, I got one more reason to party on Sundays”, so say the girls who break up every now and then.
Breakup Party – where you eat till your stomach tears apart, drink till you puke and bitch about your guy till he turns himself into a gay. At the end, the reality remains the same. You guys are not together and you are 5 kgs extra!

7. Facebook statuses and tweets referring to your ex
“I need to keep myself busy so I can forget that I am deeply hurt and broke”. “I guess I am the loser cause you have found someone new, but I am still here all alone, waiting for you”.

Seriously? Creepiness level: 1000000.

hate Facebook
8. Writing texts and calling your ex after getting high  
“Ross I just want to tell you, that I am over you, did you get that? And that, my friend, is called closure”

Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston played her part exceptionally well, but people, these are Ross and Rachel.

Keeping F.R.I.E.N.D.S aside, it’s stupidity to do that. Your ex might be with his parents or friends or busy with his new date. Why do you want to make him as well as his company feel that you are immature and kiddish? I am sure next morning you yourself will feel guilty about what you did.

9. Throw all his favorite stuff  

Anger kills a person and so it will kill the look of her room too, which once was beautified by the gifts given to her by her boyfriend, now ex.
Be it a soft toy on the top of wooden plank or a wind chime with both of your pictures, the moment you need to vent out your anger you will throw all his stuff.

Why to do that? Be mature and let your room look beautiful. Will throwing away push all your feelings apart? No, right? Rather take it as a beautiful experience and move on!


10. Listening to emotional music and then sobbing
This is the time when “Tujhe Bhula Diya” keeps playing on repeat mode in your iPod and you too, keep crying on the same mode. Keep doing that. After some time you will get a PHD for sad songs which comes with free set of dark circles. Enjoy!

Or maybe you can invest your time in watching good movies and making yourself feel positive. Again the choice is yours.

Guys’ reactions:

On the other hand guys react differently after break up. Here’s what they do:

1. Calling friends at at 2 am to inform about the breakup 

Guy: “Man! She just now kept the phone, it’s 2 am. Why she is making it a big deal? It’s a break up. Our life does not end here, right?
After 2 minutes of silence, both the guys will start discussing the FIFA match to be telecasted at 4 AM and the breakup is somewhere in the air.

2. Trying to act cool on the 2nd day of break up
The guy wakes up, smiles to himself and says, “no more torturing phone calls and no more going on movie dates.” Once he’s out, he’ll be all dressed up with shiny shoes and the dude will pass smiles to every other girl passing his way, though he will check his phone a million times to see if the girl has messaged or not, but to the outside world he will be the guy who has already moved on.

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3. The “she was not my type” explanation
So when all the guys decide to meet up for a couple of drinks (which means tons of beer), somehow the topic of break up comes up and the guy, all drunk comes up with the most common explanation. “Oh well, to be honest, I never felt connected with her since the beginning. Her interests, her choices, all were different. This had to happen someday. The day happens to be her birthday. What can I do?”

My dear boys, if you need years to know a girl better, then my advice would be please dont fall in love. Please, please?

4. Talking hours to the ex’s best friend 
That one best friend who is a girl suddenly appears to be the solutions of all problems and all her numbers are now on speed dial.

5. Asking friends about the ex

Once 15 days are over he will start the inquiry. Common friends will now be at the top of the list of communication and out of nowhere the guy will be seen asking, “so how’s she? Hope she is taking the breakup well.” When the other person will ask, “why, is it bothering you?”, the guy will instantly reply, “I am just trying to be a gentlemen.”

6. Texting girls who are interested in him
After waiting for 20 days for her text the guy will be frustrated and will not text her, but will text all the girls who once showed even the minutest interest in him. “Hey Lets hang out. There’s a lot to catch up on”, will be the text sent to multiple numbers.

7. Writing a song about the story
After a month of break up guys will realize that all the girls he has been talking to do not match the qualities of his ex and so the sadness starts to take over.

The time to burn the night lamp and empty the pen refills has finally arrived.

8. Alcohol remains common

Kaun kambakhat peene ke liye peeta hai, hum toh bhulane ke liye peete hai Emptying the bottles of all the types of wines and beers will directly have an impact on the thinking process and in between the mood swings, the guy will feel like a king for the time being.
If alcohol would have deleted the memories permanently then even Gujarat would have provided it because breakups are the story of every state.

Drunk men

9. Focused and career oriented
Suddenly one night he will realize the purpose of his life is to be an IAS officer or a doctor or a carpenter and so instantly all the books having a layer of mud will come out in no time.

He will be seen reading about 3 books at a time for like half an hour and then will be lost in the thoughts. Now you know what thoughts I’m talking about.


10. Will cry after 3 months of break up
And the realization will strike after 3 months. He will be seen talking on the phone or in person with the best friend at around 3 AM. He will be shouting, “She knows how mad I am, I take stupid decisions. At least she should’ve understood. Why did she break up with me?” Best friend: “Bro, you broke up with her”. Guy: “Will you shut up?”


if you can relate to any of the points above (I know you will) it means you are normal and it’s fine.

How else do you react post breakup? Do let me know in the comments section below!

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