Balls! Funny ad gives you a sneak peek at life inside your undies with the help of two talking testicles

Great brands come with great marketing acts! So far, Bonds, an Australian company that offers comfiest of clothes and undergarments for all has emerged as that one brand with the most creative marketing team. Their latest ad campaign is an amazing take on balls! Yes, you read that right! Their latest ad campaign named, ‘The Boys — Part 1: Impact’ is killer as it shows what happens to balls inside a man’s underwear.

The video starts with two men sitting inside a pair of urrmm… testicles! The video shows what those balls go through every day and each day.

what happens inside your pants

From telling the brain to approach a lady.

what happens inside your pants- stay the course

To telling the brain to seize the opportunity that involves of course, women!

what happens inside your pants- BOARD MEETING

To being badly itchy!

what happens inside your pants- itchy

To being kicked at!

what happens inside your pants- impact

But what happens when the life changes and becomes beautiful inside those pants and they actually have a great time after ages together?

what happens inside your pants- so comfortable

Bonds happened! Of course. Watch this bizarre advert that shows the life inside a man’s underpants through the eyes of their testicles. :)