Old Monk fans rejoice! The monk is here to stay; manufacturer denies rumours

The fake news about Old Monk retiring from the market shelves had made people more angry and sad than the Maggi to go off the shelf news. Yes, FAKE! :)

A couple of days back social media went crazy. The news about every alcoholics favourite drink going off the market started to take rounds with the rumour that its sales had dropped in the country. The senior management at Mohan Meakin Ltd clarified Old Monk is never going out of the market and it is here to stay.

The SN Maingi, deputy general manager at Mohan Meakin Ltd, told TOI –

“The figures are misleading. Sales have dropped in a handful of states, mostly in South India, but that doesn’t mean that Old Monk is doing badly. Since Sunday, I have been reading on Facebook and Twitter that we are going to stop producing our most popular brand. Our managing director Hemant Mohan was shocked to hear this. I want to put an end to all these rumours and assure you that this is not true. Old Monk is still India’s favourite rum and it’s not going anywhere.”

Mr. Mainhi assured Old Monk’s loyal patrons that it will be the last product to take any hit as Old Monk is Mohan Meakin’s pride. Old Monk, which was once the largest selling dark rum in the world has had 54% decline in sales between 2010 and 2014. But this will not affect Old Monk from being in the market.

“It is our flagship product. Old Monk is the pride of Mohan Meakin. Even if things were to go bad, Old Monk wouldn’t be the product to suffer since it is a priority for our organization. Thousands of people, from breweries in Ghaziabad and Himachal Pradesh to our godowns in Dehradun, are involved in the manufacturing of this product. Why would we ever abandon these people? If it was, indeed, doing badly, we would not go ahead with our plans of introducing several variants of the rum. Old Monk is doing well, even without support from advertisement.”

When the real fans of India’s one of the best rums got to know that Old Monk will stay, they took to twitter to share their happiness.

1. Honest attachment.

2. Starting the day with a positive news.

3. Some people got the shock of their lives!

4. Old Monk is godder.

5. Some fans were even ready to start a petition.

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