Restaurant in Kolkata barred a woman for being a rape victim!

When we often think of, talk of or even write about change which is a necessity for India, such incidents appear in light. We blame politicians for their blame-game speeches, who have been caught in cameras  blaming woman for getting raped was insane. What are we going to do if these rape victims of India are being barred by every second person or place she visits? What is her fault? The unfortunate truth is that she was raped, and she is trying to live her life like a normal woman? Wake up India and understand the path to brightness.

According to a daily national newspaper, an Anglo-Indian woman who was raped in a moving car in 2012 was denied entry in a restaurant for being rape victim. The 40-year-old woman alleged that the management of Ginger, a restaurant-cum-bar in south Kolkata’s Kalighat area turned her out. The woman said, “The management said they can’t allow me because I was the Park Street rape victim. They said they have orders not to allow me inside. If I was raped, is it my fault? Why can’t I try to live a normal life.”


The restaurant management however refuted the claim telling that the woman tried to be troublesome. The eatery owner Dipten Banerjee said: “She was not barred for being a rape victim. Rather she had earlier created trouble. We have video footage to show how she had created trouble after getting drunk, and so we barred her.”

Though sounds filmy but she was raped at a gun point inside the moving car; however, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee created controversy by naming the incident ‘fabricated’.

Two years past, the main suspect and one more rape accused are still untraced while other three are behind the bars.

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