Camping with dogs’ pictures will make you take your dog out for its first hiking trip

“Inspiring the world to go camping with their dogs!” says Ryan Carter, owner of Camping with dogs.

The desire to spend more time with his dog, Cooper got Ryan Carter the idea to start the company, Camping with dogsThe Young entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee wanted to inspire the world to take their furry pet out camping. The company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are immensely popular among travelers who own dogs. Camping with dogs has organised the first “National Camping With Dogs Day” on September 5th. They wanted to “celebrate and appreciate [our] dogs that follow us to the ends of the trail map.”

We made a collection of a few of the beautiful photographs of the dogs and their parents camping and hiking trails together that took our breath away.

1. The best of friends are the ones who will sit at your feet until you wake up.

camping with dogs

2. “Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear away once in a while and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” -John Muir

camping with dogs at the cliff

3. A full tent is a happy tent!

camping with dogs tent

4. This is what it’s all about.

camping with dogs in the tent

5. Well hello there!

camping with dogs hello

6. High five! It’s the weekend!

camping with dogs high 5

7. Everything needed to hike up is packed. 

camping with dogs dogs

8. What a breathtakingly beautiful view!

camping with dogs stroll

9. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

camping with dogs thinking

10. We wish moments like this could last forever!

camping with dogs master

11. How I come out of the tent every morning camping…

camping with dogs blanket

12. Home is where you park it.

camping with dogs hello

13. If this doesn’t make you want to take your dog and go explore something epic, nothing will!

camping with dogs swimming

14. On the gorgeous hiking trail. 

camping with dogs hiking

15. What a fantastic view! We would love to wake up to this everyday!

camping with dogs through the camp

16. Nap time.

camping with dogs nap time

17. What’s a great trail without a great trail buddy?

camping with dogs trail buddy

18. Home is where you park it.

camping with dogs van

19. “Hey mom, hurry up!” Does your dog do this, too?

camping with dogs mom

20. The master had his dog run circles around the tent to get this perfect shot.

camping with dogs circles

Watching the daily pictures pictures of masters camping with their cutesy dogs is a pure delight. We found ourselves hooked to their Instagram account too and this is our favourite picture.

Lights will guide you home!

camping with dogs lights

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