Artist woman reveals the truth behind Instagram photos and their unrealistic life goals

Hundreds of popular Instagram accounts are creating unrealistic life goals for their followers. From sipping tea at a cafe while working out of office to traveling around the world like a hippie. These people are creating an environment where their followers followers envy them and think their lives are horrible as compared to the Instagram celebrity. Just like the anonymous artist behind the popular Hipster Barbie account on Instagram who likes to troll people for creating their fake existences on the platform, artist and photographer, Chompoo Baritone from Bangkok, Thailand too decided to put the reality of such instagrammers to shame by creating pictures that tell just how fake some people and their lives can be.

1. The other side of fitness!

lie photos on instagram yoga

2. The difference between posing and playing!

lie photos on instagram badminton

3. How chilling at the beach looks like through their Instagram account!

lie photos on instagram beach

Photographer Chompoo Baritone has studied photography at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Thailand. She is definitely good at what she does. 

4. The road is never always empty!

lie photos on instagram bike lonely rode

5. What healthy eating is is based on just a frame and camera angle.

lie photos on instagram food

Careful cropping and filtering are the greatest tools of such Instagram celebrities. 

6. A different side of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. 

lie photos on instagram my sky

7. What working from looks like and what it really is. 

lie photos on instagram working space

8. Here’s the reality!

lie photos on instagramcactus

This can be the true picture of your favourite Instagram blogger.

Baritone is fabulous at creating the difference that she has created with her photography.

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