Ford F-150 Lightning electric pick-up truck Unveiled Globally

Ford is all set to launch an electric version of its most in-demand vehicle in the USA. The Ford F-150 Lightning is to be launched in 2022. The electric pickup truck is loaded with surprises and groundbreaking advancements, from its independent rear suspension to the Mega Power Frunk (which offers more payload space than a Toyota Corolla vehicle), to its fantastically low beginning cost. Yet, apparently, this present EV’s most critical advancement is its capacity to run your whole home during a power outage.

The base model with 230 miles of range begins at $39,974, while the all-inclusive reach rendition begins in the mid-$50,000s and can go around 300 miles. The pricing of this electric pickup truck puts it in toe-to-toe competition with Tesla’s Cybertruck. And since Ford’s vehicles are still eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit, that price tag can essentially come down even more for early buyers. Most electric vehicles usually cost more than their gas counterparts and so is the case with the F-150 Lightning. But Ford seems to be narrowing the price difference between its gas and electric counterparts. The gas version of Ford’s F-150 costs $36,650 which is only $3,000 cheaper than the electric F-150 Lightning.

Ford has already started taking reservations for $100 and about 20,000 Vehicles have already been reserved in less than 12 hours. Though Ford has tried to narrow down the price difference, it is still a major hindrance for some purchasers. The organization looks prepared to persuade a wide wrap of clients to consider electric when they go to purchase their next F-150, with little respect to what exactly value point they’re shopping at.

The F-150 Lightning comes in two battery configurations with the base model equipped with the standard range battery, giving a range of 230 miles, and the extended version giving a range of 300 miles. Ford hasn’t said how large these electron reservoirs are, but we’re estimating they’ll clock in at roughly 110 and 150 kWh, respectively. Both of those configurations ought to be useful for almost everyday driving situations, however, numerous individuals will need to do run-of-the-mill truck things with the F-150 Lightning that are normally more energy-escalated, such as towing, pulling, or going 4×4 romping. To reassure those expected owners, Ford says the truck’s software can give a real-time range estimate, something it’s now been chipping away at in the Mustang Mach-E. This product factors in climate and traffic conditions, however, it likewise utilizes an installed scale to quantify the heaviness of any payload or towing weight.

This battery-controlled truck can truly control your home when the lights go out, better as yet, doing so will not need a rat’s nest of electrical wires or even a convenient generator. What Ford calls Intelligent Backup Power empowers this all-electric rig to take care of force from its gigantic battery pack through its hardwired wall charger directly into your home’s electrical system.

All versions of the F-150 Lightning will put their battery power down through two electric motors — one in advance and one in back — which means each customer gets an all-wheel-drive arrangement. The extended range variant seems like it could without much of a stretch take the breeze out of you, with 420kW of absolute force (563 HP) and 775 pound-feet of force. This means the F-150 could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4 seconds.

Now all this power needs charging and since Ford does not yet have an independent charging network, Ford’s arrangement is that it has blended a small bunch of different autonomous public charging networks into what it calls the FordPass Charging Network all of which are available on the FordPass smartphone app. At a 150kW DC charging station, the F-150 Lightning with the extended range battery can take on around 54 miles of range quickly and can charge from 15% to 80% shortly. The standard reach battery will take longer, however: it can take on 41 miles of range in a short time at a 150kW charging station, and it requires 44 minutes to charge from 15 to 80 percent.

The F-150 Lightning can give up to 9.6 kW of power output. As per Ford, that is all that could possibly be needed to completely run a house at any one time, and thinking about the size of the battery, it could do that for in any event three days (in light of a day by day normal of 30 kWh). The automaker says you can make that force keep going for as long as 10 days in the event that you proportion the power appropriately. Similar to hypermiling for your home.

The Mustang Mach-E is already bringing new clients to Ford and this seems to be a bigger leap for Ford. Ford’s F-150 Lightning might just end up being better than all its competitors – Hummer, Rivian, and Tesla.