Bollywood Gandu’s ‘The Desi Fight Club’ episode is out now and it is hilarious as hell

The latest video of The Dope featuring Karan Talwar has been shared by YouTube’s popular fun channel, Bollywood Gandu. Besides taking a dig at cute dogs on the occasion of his own dog’s birthday,

bollywood gandu

Karan talks about the Desi Fight Club that originated on one of the Indian News channels.

om guru

om guru slapped

That was really some good action out there!

Later, Karan too talked the latest real Hulk-like man’s video that has been creating a lot of rounds on social media.

Hai dum? Can you pick up your own car like that?

the hulk

And lastly, he tells the world the truth about what goes around, comes around with the help of a video.

what goes around comes around

Watch this hilarious video here.

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