60-year-old brave woman teaches an important lesson about accepting the term ‘divorcee’

It’s okay to be a divorcee. It’s okay if the marriage didn’t work out. It’s okay that people accept the fate and move on, because sometimes, we just have to let go off things we cannot take control of. But here’s what is not okay to do – to question a person’s character because they are divorced. To judge a woman because she’s pregnant and not living with her husband.

It’s about time we start accepting this and not making a big deal out of it. People who have parted ways with their spouses and prefer to not get married again are free to decide so and none of us get the right to judge them. An issue as sensitive as this was addressed in this story shared by Humans of Bombay and we’re simply glad that more and more people are choosing to open up about it. Read the inspiring story of this brave woman who fought her way alone to raise a child and become independent.