#BananaBunkers – Groupon brilliantly, innocently and hilariously replies to all the sex comments

Groupon, the very well known “deal-of-the-day website” knows how to engage and entertain its fans. Groupon posted this picture of Banana Bunkers, a container for single banana on Facebook which can be very well purchased from their website.groupon babana bunker

Looks like a sex accessory?

Looking at it, the fans went crazy with their witty and clever commentary about the Banana Bunker and guess what! Groupon chose to reply to all of them as innocently as they can be. The comments are hilarious and the way Groupon has replied to all of them cutely, and innocently is just brilliant. Kudos to whoever is responding to all those comments.


Groupon took social media engagement to a whole new level!

Interestingly, people are spending time reading each and every comment because the team Groupon has made the whole scene very hilarious and sweet. If you too like to see what’s happening their, you could check it on their page.