A research team just found out a way to give night vision to humans and it is insane

Have you ever imagined it could be possible for you to see in the dark? Most of us wouldn’t have, I am sure. Well, that’s not the case for Gabriel Licina. Gabriel Licina could see in the dark. How, you ask? Read on!

This happened with the help of just a few drops. Gabriel Licina is a key member of biohacker group Science for the Masses. This group had recently found out a way to enable an enhanced low-light vision for the human eye as much as up to 50 meters.


50 microliters of Chlorin e6 was used for this. It is found in some deep swimming fish. This, along with a “miniaturized turkey baster” was how Licina got himself and enhanced low-light eyesight. He witnessed a greenish-black flash vision. His eyes were allowed to set for an hour, after which the tests and trials were initiated.

Licina told Mic, “To me, it was a quick, greenish-black blur across my vision, and then it dissolved into my eyes.”


Licina’s eyes showed a change the moment the drops showed their effect.


As can be seen, his eyes turned Black and he was 100% successfully able to identify objects and trees at a distance over 100 feet.


The Black color faded the next morning. Still, he said he’ll never forget the superhero like experience all his life. We feel you!


He showed 100% success rate when he was asked to identify objects and people in low-light conditions, at distances between 10 and 50 meters. Interestingly, the ones who were tested without the drops showed 33% success rate. The team was obviously encouraged by the results and hence they published the open source biohacking discoveries online. After this success, the researchers are expecting to reproduce similar results on a much higher scale.

All the images and content are sourced from Elite Daily.