You’ll never believe what these two lovers did at the Taj Mahal

The symbol of love witnessed the suicide of two honest lovers, yesterday! Frustrated with their failing attempts to convince their parents to consent to their relationship, Rajveer Singh and Shabana (names changed) committed suicide in Nature Park, Agra.

The reason for their families to disagree to their relationship was that Rajveer was a Hindu boy, where as Shabana belonged to a Muslim family.

Rajveer and Shabana were childhood friends in Agra. When Rajveer’s family moved to Dehradun, their relationship took a romantic turn in the following years.

Shabana’s parents objected their relationship and asked Shabana to end their relationship and stop interacting with Rajveer. But Shabana kept her relationship alive, secretly.

When Rajveer came back to Agra and called up Shabana to meet him in the Nature Park, Shabana who told her parents that she was leaving for her dance academy met Rajveer in the park. The two decided to keep their love alive by committing suicide. The two slit their throats in Nature Park.

The forest personnel took the two to SN Emergency hospital where only Rajveer was still in his senses.

“Both Shabnam and I tried hard to convince our parents that they should allow us to get married, but the boundaries of religion remained the biggest hurdle. We did this after failing at all possible ways to be together. We couldn’t get our respective parents to meet each other, even getting spiritual leaders and relatives to intervene didn’t help.” Rajveer told the magistrate.

Shabana’s parents came to the hospital soon after they were informed about the incident however, Rajveer’s family was unable to respond to any calls.

Shabana’s family told they were against their marriage because Rajveer was unemployed though Rajveer denied it.

The police is cautiously and calmly handling the case as this incident could result into communal fights and riots. Shabana is still unconscious to tell her side of the story.

News sourced from HT