Xiaomi becomes the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer

Samsung, the South Korean technology giant has been dominating the global smartphone market for decades. It was receiving tough competition from China-based Huawei, which had surpassed Apple to grab the second position in the global smartphone market share. But now, the brand is struggling to survive due to sanctions imposed by the United States.

Xiaomi Logo

However, another Chinese company has dethroned Samsung from the top spot. Xiaomi, which has rapidly expanded its footprints in the past few years, has taken the pole position in June 2021 in terms of smartphone shipments, claims a new report coming from Counterpoint Research. This is the first time ever that Xiaomi has claimed a number one position on the global charts.

It remains to be seen how the company holds up when the results for the third quarter of this year gets released and it’s likely that Samsung will regain its dominating position by then. But, this latest development proves that Samsung’s reign as a leader of the smartphone market is under threat.

Xiaomi also has more room to grow and the company has already taken the task of filling the gap left by Huawei. But it will take more time for the Chinese company to overtake the South Korean giant.

To distinguish itself from others and remain a market leader, Samsung is focusing on the next generation of technologies when it comes to smartphones, such as foldable form-factor. It has doubled down on foldable smartphones and is in line to launch the third-generation devices in a couple of days while its rivals are yet to launch their first foldable phones.