How easy it is for a molester to convince your kid into taking his clothes off; all parents must watch

With the increasing number of child molestation, parents and teachers must educate kids on how to identify a good and a ‘bad touch’. But all kids are innocent, what we can understand and gauge through people’s touch and talks, children can’t. So their risk of falling into such life-scarring situations are higher.

audition guy taking Abeer's t-shirt off

PuraniDiliTalkies decided to do a social experiment. They called Abeer and his father over for an audition to check if the Abeer remembered what his parents told him about meeting strangers and identifying their suspicious intentions.

abeer with his father and the audition crew member

The audition guy took Abeer into a different room and coaxed him into dressing up as one of the Power Rangers.

audition guy coaxing

You have to see what happened when the audition guy told Abeer to take his pants off so he could change into a Power Ranger’s costume.

audition guy telling abeer to take his pants off


It is every parent’s duty to educate their children and test their knowledge to see how they respond to a stranger aiming at abusing them. Every day thousands of children are targeted by cruel child molesters. Watching this video will tell you that your child is completely vulnerable to such acts and attacks. You must repeatedly educate your child on this subject.


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