19 must-visit eateries serving lip smacking food that you will find only in Vadodara

So here we are, again with an article devoted solely for our darling Vadodarians! Have you wondered that be it a Sunday or a Monday, one would always find a queue outside a good eat-out place in Vadodara? And be it winter, monsoon or summer, the craze for going out never dies in the heart of a Vadodarian? Also, be it a good economic upturn or a sad depressing downturn, the food-walas of Vadodara will always see an upturn?

The reason: The LOVE FOR FOOD in Vadodara!

So let us check out 12 such eateries, providing amazingly delicious, tasty, one-of-a-kind, delectable delicacies serving to the taste buds and palates of each Vadodarian, but found only in Vadodara!

1. Pyarelal ni Kachori
This small 5ft x 5ft shop caters to more than 50 clients on a daily basis. With prices as cheap as Rs. 16 for a tummy-satisfying Kachori!


2. Duliram na Penda
This is one of the shops that has been a part of each ‘khushi’ of a Vadodarian household. Be it Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, Duliram ke Sekela Penda ka Bandan atoot rehta hai.

duliram pendawalaSource

3. Canara Coffee House
A cafe located in the heart of the city which still serves food at the same almost ancient rates, and providing the BEST Puna Misal you can ever lay your hands on!


4. Amrut Rasghar
One of the oldest ‘Ganne ka Juice’ House of Vadodara. With Amrut like qualities that are not only in the name but in the taste, quantities and price!

amrut ras gharSource

5. Mahakali Sev Usad
A popular laree serving steaming hot ‘Sev Usad’ with warm buttery buns. Truly a tikha-chatka that cannot be paralleled to any other.

mahakadi sev usadSource

6. Raju Omelette
It is the most popular Andawala eatery. With butter-filled egg dishes and a variety that offers a delectable taste.

raju omelette


7. Swad Pani Puri
This is another laree that has been here since the days of our grandparents. Now, it is being continued by the family’s younger generations.

These pani puris have a unique taste that shall rapture you into becoming a loyal customer, week-on-week!

P.S. the place also offers other excellent Dilli Chaat varieties.

swad pani puriSource

8. Rajasthani Kulfi House
The perfect solution to beat the heat of Vadodara or just to enjoy the winter chills at night! Situated at the Ambedkar Circle in Alkapuri Area, this place is a favourite of all the sweet-toothed persons.

Rajasthani KulfiSource

9. Jojo’s Hard Rock Cafe
One of the finest and most affordable, yet hygienic Chinese eat-out places. The warmth of the servers and owners along with the exquisitely made-to-perfection taste of their recipes is something that will fill your senses with zing!


10. Vishal Sandwich
Located in Alkapuri, this Sandwich-wala is famous for his light-on-pocket sandwiches and his innovative varieties of the ‘Samosa Sandwich’.

Mind you, if weight is something you wanna watch, then you better not come here!

vishal sandwichSource

11. Vishnu Chai

This is one popular tea stall located right opposite the MSU Fine Arts Faculty and usually crowded from morning to evening! Known for not only its tea, but also for the vibrant and full of vigor – Mr. Vishnu. This place was also been rated 2nd on a local radio channel.

vishnu chaiSource

12. Tasty Vadapav
A place thronged by adolescents and adults alike, as it caters to the taste buds of all! Almost every Vadodarian would have visited this place at least once. A must try the next time you visit would be the double cheese, double butter vadapav :D

tasty vada pavSource

13. Maji Sainik 

Another extremely popular laari of the beloved Anda! Its taste is so enticing that the next time you dislike a dinner preparation, you should totally rush to this place.


14. Lalaji na Bhajiya

Situated at Gadhiyalipor, these bhajiyas are bound to give any bhajiya lover a taste that he/she shall savor forever.

lalaji bhaiyaSource

15. Manmohan Samosa

You can find the best samosas of Vadodara here, at Kothi chaar rasta. Huge in size and serving the hot, delicious samosas since years, Manmohan samosa should be your next stop when you crave a samosa, since basically, samosa is your real bae!

manmohan samosaSource

16. Sasu-Vahu Handvo

Hands down, the handvo and every other delicacy like khaman, dhokla and locha are served best here, at Sasu-Vahu Handvo. The next time you’re passing by Karelibaug area, make sure you stop by Mahalaxmi Complex, Muktanand, and enjoy some hot handvo!


17. Alla Rakha Sev-Mamra

One may or may not be a hue fan of mamra, but one cannot simply not like Alla Rakha Sev-Mamra! You can buy some goodness that the snack is, at Chani Toll Naka,opposite To Devyabhasker Press Office.

alla rakhaSource

Apart from these 17, there are several others that just HAVE to be mentioned. These include:

18. (Honorary mention) Maruti Nandan Soda

Not an eatery, but an honorary mention had to be done! The coolest place to go for Drinks in this dry city! Yes, you read it right. From Ginger Shot to fruits with Soda, you name and they have it!

M N SODASource

19. (Honorary mention) Paras Pan

Last, but definitely not the least, there comes Paras Pan. Pan lovers from different cities come to try the exotic pan they serve. In case you aren’t aware about the address, here it is – Windsor Plaza, RC Dutt Road, Alkapuri.

paras panSource

These few instances of joy, fun and happy moments are ingrained in the hearts of each Vadodarian. And as we say that love goes beyond limits, this list shall also keep increasing as the days go by. Do feel free to update this list by commenting below! And yes, these are just a handful from the long, long list. So the countdown continues endlessly…