Crisis alert – the world is running short of Nutella!

If a calorie count was not in the picture, believe me, Nutella is what I would have had all day, every day. It is a divine treat that every time I take a bite, I am sure a Nutella maker gets years added to his life, for making this sweet scrumptious devil, all I could say is god bless you! That velvet texture and creamy taste of chocolate and hazelnut can seriously make you a sinner. It is so yummy and irresistible that almost a quarter of the world’s hazelnut crop goes into making this mouth-watering spread. So much so that now it is getting short of hazelnut for its production.

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Yeah! You heard me right. Your toothsome Nutella is not going to be that much of delight for your pockets, as the company is further going to hike the price of this famous treat, the reason being that the storm and late frost has killed most of the crop harvest.

As such hazelnut is a very moody and a difficult to grow crop. It needs proper air, water and good soil to grow on and thus is the reason why only certain small areas witness its growth. Ferrero Rocher, the company behind Nutella, is having a hard time importing hazelnut, as the nut is only produced in sharply small regions like the strip of lands at the cost of Turkey and that too by some small families, as a result of which the crop doesn’t turn out in an amount appropriate for industrial usage in comparison to the other commercial crops.

But the growing love for Nutella, doesn’t seem to stop and therefore the farmers in Australia, Chili and Oregano have launched their own farms to meet the craze for this buttery goodness.

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Well, Nutella fans don’t have to worry about a thing anymore as the Italian chocolate maker has come up with a solution. The company has taken over the hazelnut producer Oltan group which apparently is responsible for acquiring most of the Turkey’s hazelnut harvest that will further ensure to satisfy the growing demand for the much adored chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Thank god, the world is not getting short of Nutella soon!

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