12 things that are bound to happen when your boss takes a tour of the office‏

Offices are the places where you can find people at their best – trying to give out their best in everything that they do and fighting it out to get noticed by their boss.

However, there are some things that each and every one of us does when the boss suddenly comes out of his cabin to take a tour of the office space. Here are the 12 most common things that we all do in such a situation.

1. Flash a wide smile.
You make sure you prove to him that you did brush in the morning!


2. Start acting
You start pretending. Massaging your forehead is your next step and boom, and you feel like the greatest actor ever born.

panic attackSource

3. Start passing out documents to the person sitting next
You pick up the paper lying next to you and pass it on to anybody near you. It doesn’t matter if your colleague thinks you’ve gone nuts; all that you care about is your boss!


4. Shut the yawn!
You snap out of the ‘Yawn’ mode.


5. If you’re going to hang out in the pantry, you take your step back.
Steps of Retreat.


6. Wait for him to catch your eye and say ‘Good Day’!
You just wait your eyes to meet your boss’ eyes and Bang, that’s the moment for you!

good day

7. Walk after him to strike a conversation
Boss’ pet, is that you? Yes Yes Yes!

Sherlock homesSource

8. Close your “Facebook” window.
And make sure your screen is filled with pi-charts and graphs.

Funny catSource

9. Disperse from your group of friends.
Suddenly you take a step back without telling anything to your friends. And they’ll be like- what is wrong with him/her? But later they’ll realize that you were just acting smart!


10. Keep your phone away.
If you are texting or talking to someone on the phone, you’ll discontinue no matter what!

Fake Smile

11. ‘Abe Jaa Naa’ suddenly turns into ‘Beg your pardon, could you please tell me about the deal again!’
A friendly conversation between you and your friend would take a professional turn as soon you see your boss pass by.


12. As soon the office tour gets over, the Resume button is pressed!
You breathe a sigh of relief and without giving a damn; you continue whatever you were doing.


Am I missing out any things that you do when your boss takes a round of your office? I’d love to know in the comments section below! Meanwhile, bosses, you’re reading this, right? ;)