#Shocking: This woman woke up to find Rs 95000 crore in her SBI bank account

What will be your reaction if one day you wake up to an SMS from your bank stating the current balance in your account is Rs 9,99,990? Would you believe it and rejoice or get panicky?

Urmila Yadav from Kanpur, UP got the shock of her life when after depositing Rs 2000 in her account, she received a message that read Rs 9,99,990 is the balance in her account.

The UPSIDC branch of State Bank of India (SBI) made a mistake and deposited Rs 95000 crore in Urmila’s account. The amount deposited by the bank in her account was estimated to Rs 95,711,69,86,47,130.14 as reported by News 18.

Upon receiving the text, Urmila got in touch with her guarantor to find out the reason behind becoming a crorepatni.

When the guarantor, Lalta Prasad Tiwari approached the bank, the bank told Urmila and her guarantor that Urmila’s bank account had an insufficient balance and so they deposited a ‘fictitious’ amount in her account.

Urmila likes to avoid any controversy and wants to get her original money in her SBI savings account.

News sourced by News 18.