#SHOCKING: Wedding guests shot groom’s father dead after being denied their choice of Bollywood songs

A shocking incident has been reported by The Times of India. In a district of Haridwar, a group of drunk guests shot dead the father of the groom after being denied their choice of Bollywood songs at a wedding.

This happened at Sakoti village near Manglaur in Haridwar district. A group of drunk guests allegedly ordered the DJ to play more Bollywood songs so they could continue dancing. The groom’s father, named Vishwas Ram asked the DJ to stop playing the music so that they could begin the marriage rituals. The group led by Teluram went into an argument with Ram.

The groom’s family cam in support of Ram. Allegedly, one from the group took out a pistol and asked the DJ to play their choice of music, at the gunpoint. This was going on side by while the others were arguing with the groom’s family and threatening each other.

Manglaur SO Naveen Semwal told The Times of India,

Since it was past midnight, Ram told them that it was very late and the marriage rituals should be started. A police team from Manglaur went to the spot and rushed Ram to the civil hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

Ram told the group to leave the wedding venue immediately and that is when things went out of hand. One of the youth felt ‘humiliated’ and allegedly shot him. Apart from Teluram, the other two who were identified for this were Madanpal and Sumit Singh. The groom’s family and the villagers thrashed them before handing them over to the police. Madanpal and Sumit Singh are undergoing treatment at the civil hospital.

Could someone’s life be any cheaper?

News information sourced from The Times of India

Representational image sourced from here.