After Alok Nath, Twitterati trolls ‘Bade Bhaiyya’, Mohnish Behl and it is hilarious

After trolling the father of all ‘sanskaars‘, our ‘sanskaari babuji’, Alok Nath, Twitter is going berserk with trolling our Babuji’s very well known elder son aka bada beta, Mohnish Behl. The ever aagyakaari (disciplined) beta who can sacrifice anything for the happiness of his parents, and siblings, has portrayed some of the really selfless sibling’s roles. Trolling the chote-chote-bhaiyon-kebade-bhaiya on just that, twitterati went super mad with their funny and hilarious tweets, here are 16 of them.


1. Lol. This is fun!

  2. Brother!

3. The Bade Bhaiyya

 4. Mohnish Behl is very choosy about his roles. 

5. Pita ji, Pita ji!

6. Teri baahon mein

7. Poor Mohnish Behl   Mohnish Behl is always on standby when Alok Nath is doing Kanyadaan #BadaBhai — Gappistan Radio (@GappistanRadio) July 25, 20158. Iiiii Love You

9. Brother of the Nation

10. Why is Mohnish Behl trending?

11. Ek Chota Bhai

12. Who are twitterati going to troll next? Sooraj Baratya?

13. Kaho na bhai hai?

14. He doesn’t mind!

15. Like father like son.

16. The sequel!


What is going to come next, we don’t know. Twitterati is too random and unpredictable. But all we know is that it is fun to read popular personalities getting trolled


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