Drool alert: 16 ways in which Virat Kohli is the ultimate charming sportsman!

It’s less then few hours to Virat Kohli’s birthday. Every cricket crazy fan knows his entire biography. Still we love to read about this man who has broken every record possible.

So here are 16 reasons why you should absolutely love the angry young man of today’s generation!

1. His dedication and commitment
Be it a domestic cricket match or an international match, the level of dedication, passion and commitment with which Virat plays in every match is phenomenal. You will not see him lose focus at any point of the game. Yes, he has got out on duck (and the major population thinks it is because of Anushka) but that does not make him any less of a cricketer. Because he has scored way better in past, these small gaps does not affect his score card.

2. Style
Talking about style, Virat is one of the sexiest man of India according to a popular magazine. Do I need to say anymore? Be it his tattoos or his shoes, everything will shine with style. How we wish every guy to at least learn something from him. A country full of stylish boys ain’t bad at all, right?

3. Lifestyle
In many interviews Virat has discussed his entire schedule of match days and off days and one thing which he keeps stable is his healthy lifestyle. The huge Raajma Chawal fan has not eaten the same for so many years now. “I love Raajma Chawal made by my mom but I simply can’t afford to eat it due to my fitness routine”, he said in an interview to a news channel. Apart from that, working out and taking appropriate sleep is what makes him look so hot all the time.

4. A great speaker
Yes, we have mocked many cricketers as they lack appropriate English speaking skills, but when it comes to this man, he is way better than many. Be it his analysis or a general talk, he will impress you within 2 minutes. A good looking guy who speaks well – what else do you want?

5. A natural leader
He is still not the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, but he leads his innings entirely by himself. He trust his instincts and bat like fire all the time. This shows how equipped he is with the qualities of a leader.

6. Different skills
Apart from cricket, he sings well and dances like one of the professionals. I am sure you all must have seen his Champions Trophy celebration and Gangman style with Gayle many a times. In simple words, he is all together a complete package.

7. Thunderous batting
Nobody can match the thunderous batting style of Virat Kohli. He stands there like a Lion and hits the ball so confidently that for once the new upcoming bowlers get the beating of their lifetime.

8. Super strategy planning
Keeping aside his mad batting style. He is good at planning too. Be it planning the field or his batting, he is A+ in every area.

9. That lovable, family oriented guy
Yes, he is a very much family oriented person. We all know he was batting when his father took his last breath, but we also know that after that, he directly went to the cremation ground to fulfill the responsibility of a son. Even today he loves his mother the most and dedicates his victory to his parents.

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10. His love for other sports
He is travelling most of the times, but that does not keep him away from different sports update. He is always seen tweeting congratulatory messages to various sports persons who have achieved something for India. He also is a co-owner of one of the ISL teams. This shows that he is just not self centered and also notices good in other people and sports.

11. A true Indian
In one of his interviews, he said that India for him is like another mother who he loves to make proud. “It’s always a pleasure to do something for your country”, is what he believes.

12. The captain hot
We have one captain cool and then we have Virat, who is the captain hot every time he is given the captaincy. He will use all his energy to make team India win the match.

13. Focused
There is no doubt in the fact that he is one of the most focused sports-persons India has ever seen. We all know how in his initial days he used to practice for 15 hours at a stretch just to get his technique correct. It’s true, fame and name does not come easy. You have to dedicate your life behind a purpose.

14. Young achiever
Yes, he is one of the youngest achievers of multiple awards. You name it and he has achieved it. He is not only a blessed child of God, but he has created his golden destiny all by himself with his hard work and commitment.

15. The ladies man!
No doubt here, he’s absolutely the love of a lot of women, around the globe!


16. Love of many
And lastly you could not agree more with me, but he is surely the love of every generation. Every parent wants a kid like him, every girl wants a guy like him and every country wants a hero like him.

virat kohli with fans


On the occasion of his 26th birthday, how would you like to wish him? Tell us in the comments section below!

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