25 mistakes you must not commit on your first date

Going for your first date or your love life has never gone beyond the first date? You don’t commit any mistakes, my friend!

This list of ‘what not to do on your first date’ will keep you covered.

1. Never ask your date if he/she is a virgin!
You will eventually get to know all the details with time.

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2. Never praise your ex
This is a strict no-no. None of your current dates would like to hear you praising your ex. So dance the new dance, baby!

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3. Never order everything that ‘you’ like
If you know the restaurant’s specialty, tell your date about it and ask politely if they would like to order it. Don’t order everything you want just because you are going to pay for the bill.

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4. Never act as if you are a horny little rat!
Take things slow and easy. Nothing is sexier than that.


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5. Never get too drunk or go drunk
You might not want your date to help you vomit in the toilet, see you pee on the road (because you can’t control it) and see you fall many times on your way back to the car parking. All of this will not be fun for them.

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6. Never use cuss words or abuse people unnecessarily
Just mind your tongue darling.


7. Never forget to compliment your partner
Just simply tell them they look good.

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8. Never tell him/her that  you waited for long for her to dress up and come outside
You simply have to get used to it. :)

i waited for youSource

9. Never speak like a brat with the parking guy, the waiter at the restaurant or the ice cream seller
Simply put, on your first date you are scanned completely by your partner.


10. Never force your partner to come and spend time in your apartment after the date is over
Your date might not want to sleep with you on the first date.

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11. Never rap to any of the Honey Singh songs
Never ever commit this mistake. You are not going to get any calls from your date as soon as this date finishes.

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12. Never try to flirt with other chicks/men sitting in the restaurant
Your date will not like it.

that assSource

13. Never wear a suit
No, the occasion is not a business meeting or a wedding. Don’t wear a suit until you both decide to go on a formal date.

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14. Never forget to open the door for her or pull out a chair for her at the restaurant
Be chivalrous. Women love these little things that make them feel special.

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15. Never expect her to pay
Until she says you both should be paying equally. Dutch!

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16. Never ask too many questions
It is not a n interview, so stop grilling your date the next time.

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17. Never talk big about yourself
Stop bragging about yourself on your dates.

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18. Never be unhygienic
Don’t dig out the food stuck in your nails and eat it or, get caught digging your nose or, pick your teeth.

digging noseSource

19. Never talk about marriage or babies
Just don’t!

lets get marriedSource

20. Never go on a date with hairy hands and legs, girls
Shave, shave shave!

shave your legsSource

21. Never talk about your problems
It is practically not the occasion to talk about what’s troubling your ass in your life.

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22. Never cancel the date on the last minute
Your would-be date will never call or meet you after this.

cancelled the first date last minuteSource

23. Never check their phones or be occupied on your phone
OK! This is why you never went on your second date or will never go on one if you continue doing so.

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24. Never cry on your first date
No one likes to meet a cry baby or an overly emotional person on the first date.


25. Never argue about the bill
No, not on the first date, my friend.


I wish you all the best for your first date!


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