These 2 artists singing an unusual fusion of Adele and Rafi Saab’s legendary songs is gold

Indian legendary artist, Rafi Saab and International artist, Adele are two musicians who are beyond comparison. I mean, one would be a fool enough to compare a classic legend to a soulful new-age Brit artist! To bring the two together is an unimaginably tough challenge.

However, artist Vaibhavi Upadhyaya and her co-singer Jaivardhan have been able to successfully bring the best of the two artists together with their latest fusion that has Adele’s popular song, Someone Like You and Rafi Saab’s classic gem, Din Dhall Jaye.

vaibhavi upadhayay


The artist writes on her YouTube channel, “Have tried to weave together the 3 integral E’s of music: Emotion, Expression and Experiment”. And she is damn right! This fusion of the two completely unique songs is pure gold. Give it a listen and you will be hooked to it, all day long.

You can listen to Vaibhavi‘s other fusion tracks here.