Angry with her bad haircut Chinese woman came back with a sledgehammer to destroy the salon

She must be the world’s angriest woman! A shocking video of an angry Chinese woman destroying and damaging a salon with a giant sledgehammer is making the rounds on the internet. This video uploaded by WorldStarTV has more than 400,000 views!

The video shows a car stopping right in front of the salon and a woman head straight into the salon with her sledgehammer. The reason for taking all the pain to come and damage the salon? She was not happy with her new hairstyle! The lady started smashing glasses, shelves and wall hangings with her weapon. This woman is a Chinese copy of the Indian Ghajini! The customer in the salon got terrified as this woman started breaking the glass near her. When one of the staff members tried to stop this lady, the angry woman seemed like she was going to her but then she asked her to move aside.

If you are a hair dresser or a hair stylist, you better keep a body guard near you to handle your angry clients! :P