This beautiful adaptation of ‘thinking out loud’ for all the Indian LGBT members is heartwarming

YouTuber, Gangsta Gudiya joined hands with artists Nikhil D’souza and Ugoeze to make a superb song, #OutAndProud for all the LGBT members.

Out and Proud - Gangsta Gudiya Feat Nikhil D'souza and Ugoeze

To show their stand on freedom of Love, together, the song is an adaptation of Ed Sheeran‘s song ‘Thinking out loud’.

wanna be out and proud

The video stars Urmi who also starred in the Vande Mataram video by Yathartha Pictures, equal rights activist Harish Iyer, Pallav, Sunetro, Justine & Ria, Mrinalini, Inderjit Nagi & Syed Ali, Anuja, Abhra, Praful, Saakshi, Priya.

harish iyer

The lyrics of the song are heartwarming and beautiful!

come together rainbow

You must this gorgeous song a listen and spread it among people to support your LGBT friends. :)