This heartwarming gesture by Hindustan Times reminds us of 10 people we should #SayThanks to

They say professional life ends at 60. That is not the case with K.D. Bhatia, though. Even at this age, after retiring, he continues to defy all stereotypes. He loves to play badminton and has been playing since 1979. It’s like his energy giving capsule, the moment he touches a racket. That was until 2007.

He suffered from a heart attack in the badminton court. His family, out of concern, stopped him from playing badminton and suggested that he could become a coach. They even hid his rackets.

K.D. Bhatia is the founder of a badminton club where the average age is 70. He is soon going to be featured in the Limca book of records for the same. He believes that to be able to play a good game, everybody should have a pair of good shoes and good racket.

HT, for whom he was a source of inspiration, decided to do something huge for him and give him a time he’ll remember and cherish forever. Here’s what they did –

What a heartwarming act by HT! HT has now taken up an initiative wherein they have a desire to give back to their readers and #SayThanks for their love and support. This initiative hopes to create an environment of social positivity and get people invested in a way that encourages them to acknowledge and thank the people who make a difference in their lives.

Thinking of this, we can say that indeed, two words can change the world – Thank You. On the same note, we can think of ten people who make a difference in our lives and that they definitely need to hear ‘thank you’ from each one of us.

So, here are the 10 people you need to #SayThanks to!

1. Parents

You and I know that the reasons why you should thank them are countless. Let’s just say, now is the time you should thank your mom for staying up late for the nights since the day you were born and your father, for being the rock support always, whenever you have needed him.



2. That helpful colleague

For always being there to support you and teach you. From the day you joined till now, what could office be, without your dearest colleague?

Indian Bollywood actresses Sonam Kapoor (L) and Jacqueline Fernandez share a light moment while they pose for a photograph during the 59th "Idea Filmfare Awards 2013" pre-awards party in Mumbai on late January 15, 2014. AFP PHOTO/STRSource

3. Teachers

From being your mentors to teaching you the basics of life – wherever you are right now, the credit goes to your teachers. There is nothing more special to a teacher than the fact that his/her student is doing well in life.


4. The chai waala who makes you hot tea, every time you visit

Whenever you have craved a good cup of tea, he has always been there. The only person who knows to make tea exactly according to your taste after your mom is him!

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5. Your regular auto or rikshaw waala

Because you might for once forget your office time, but he is always there to pick you up on time and drop you back!

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6. An ex who made you realize how much you are worth!

Every breakup teaches us a lesson and so do the exes. They teach you how indeed you deserve a lot better and the fact that you can be a better person.


7. The watchman

who opens the gate for you at 3 am every Saturday morning and every other time whenever you get late and also for taking care of your home in your absence.


8. The maid

For she cleans up your mess and makes your home worth staying. She takes out the dirt and brings cleanliness, even when you’re lazy to get up and let her do the cleaning.


9. The traffic police

More than often, people complaint that they are irresponsible, but it’s hard to control the heavy traffic in different weathers. It is because of them that we manage to reach places on time.

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10. Your best friends and your siblings

Words can never describe how much you awe them for everything!


Can you think of any other people who you should #SayThanks? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add them up here!

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