#Inspiration: Honest rickshaw puller returns 1.17 lakh he found lying on road

What will you do if one day you see a bag full of money in the corner of street and you are in desperate need of money? Will you take the money and go home? Or, take the money to the cops and inform them about it? One would be happy to take the money home. But not all are the same. When a 26-year-old, rickshaw puller, Mohammed Aabid Qureshi from Walled City, Jaipur, Rajasthan found a bag full of money lying on the road, he decided to report the cops about it.

It is understandable that Qureshi doesn’t make more than Rs. 200 or Rs. 300 on a daily basis and is of course, in need of money so he could at least have a little comforts in life. However, the honest man decided to do what many of us would consider ourselves fools for. And we have to say that not many are born with such great principles.

He found a plastic bag full of money near Government Hostel circle around 4 pm, when he was returning after delivering goods at a grocery store on Wednesday i.e., 5th August. He waited there for someone to return for the money. But no one did. Around 10 pm he decided to report the cops.

His wife, Ameena took help from a teacher in their neighbourhood to get in touch with social activist Sabir Qureshi because they were scared of Qureshi being suspected as a carrier of fake currency. The three went to the office of Janga Sriniwas Rao, commissioner of police on Thursday with the money. The money he returned was 1.17 lakh!

The commissioner thanked him for his honesty and said that Qureshi may be poor but he has a rich heart.

When asked whether he thought of keeping the money, he said, “Imaandaari sabse badi niyamat hai saab” which means “Honesty is the biggest gift, sir.”

Qureshi’s honesty is commendable.

He also said, “Pak Quran main likha hai jiska imaan hota hai woh jannat ka haqdaar hota hai (It is written in the holy Quran that a person who is honest is entitled to go to heaven).”

“This man has done a commendable job and senior authorities must felicitate him for this work on Independence Day,” said Bhanwar Singh, assistant sub-inspector at the Kotwali police station.

News Source: News18

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