Irish woman approaches stranger to buy a used juicer for her mother with cancer; what he did is unexpected!

Angels exist! They make an appearance when they are needed the most. And this story is about one of the angels whom we like to call, the kindest man ever and he is from London! When Cara Duggan from Belfast, Northern Ireland tried to buy a used juicer on Gumtree, a platform to buy and sell products, she met someone who wanted to help!



Cara’s mother, Kim is a stage 4 esophageal cancer patient that means her mother has major difficulties in eating food and thus, consuming nutrients to get better.

Kim Duggan

Cara wanted to buy Nutribullet juicer for her mother so she could have high-density nutrition. But Nutribullet is not cheap like any other juicers, it is worth £130 ($200) and that’s the reason why Cara wanted to buy a used one as it will be less expensive and affordable for her.

She spotted a person who was selling Nutribullet on Gumtree and quickly got in touch with him.

kindest man ever


The kindest man ever responded in a way no one could ever expect any stranger to.

kindest man ever message

And before Cara could imagine anything, the kindest man ever ordered a brand new Nutribullet for Cara so that her mother can receive all the nutrients as soon as possible.

kindest man ever orders nutribullet


The incredibly kind man paid for the Nutribullet and asked Cara to pick it up whenever she can. When Cara thanked him, he told her that he is thankful to get an opportunity to help and also asked her to speak to him if she has any difficulty in getting her new juicer from Argos.

kindest man ever thank you note


This beautiful story of an incredibly kind man is a proof that goodness still exists in the world. :)

Oh my goodness…for anyone doubting that there is good left in the world… Today I emailed a stranger on gumtree…

Posted by Cara Grace Duggan on Wednesday, August 5, 2015