20 things we want to see in Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s biopic

Recently released biopic of Mary received more or less mixed response, and in no time the poster of another Biopic was released. Yes, Sushant Singh Rajput starrer, the biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be out in 2015.

Now as we are in a cricket crazy nation we all know Dhoni by a considerable amount, but still there are some unknown facts and some incidences which we would want to know about him.

So following are some of things we would surely want to see in the biopic of our Captain Cool:

1. Initial days of ticket collector
Very less people know this, but in order to meet both the ends, Dhoni used to work as a Railway ticket collector in West Bengal’s Kharagpur. We would definitely like to see how he managed to play a completely different role under tough circumstances.

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2. Badminton and Football touch
Again a lesser known fact is that he, during his days as a student excelled in Badminton and Football and represented his district in these sports. So what was that one thing which made him shift to cricket? Hopefully we will find the answer in the biopic.
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3. Struggles during practice days
As we all know, he belongs to Ranchi, which is a small town in Jharkhand. It did not have facilities of metro cities, but still our captain got all his basic training from Ranchi. How well he managed and what were the difficulties he faced, would be an intersting peg in his biopic.

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4. His equation with his father
In one of the press conferences he said he loves his country, parents and wife, in that order. But we all know how his father inspired him to be the man he is right now. The Son-Father chemistry will bring in the emotional angle in the movie.

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5. He and his best friends
We all know about Santosh Lal, Dhoni’s friend who taught him Helicopter shot. However, he is no more, but we do got to hear how he helped him in all possible ways. So how he maintained his relations even after reaching skies will be interesting to watch.

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6. School life
His colleagues in Railways keep on talking about the mischievous side of Dhoni, but what we don’t know is how he spent his days in his school, DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, Ranchi.


7. How life changed after cricket happened
As we know, he turned towards cricket after his 10th standard. So what were the things which changed after cricket entered his life? It will be quite an interesting story to know.
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8. How he met Sakshi
Yes, yes, we are aware that one story, where Sakshi was working in Taj hotel and Dhoni saw her once during a team stay at the hotel and then tried contacting her. She did not pick his call for 10 times and finally when she realized he is not backing, she met him and rest we all know is history. But still, a love story has many sweet moments. We would like to know that.
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9. Childhood crush
With Sakshi, it was a love at first sight, but our Captain Cool surely would be crazy before too, for someone. We would like to know that too. Sorry Sakshi!
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10. Journey from 2007 World Cup to 2011 World Cup
Dhoni was all over the news after winning the inaugural version of T20 world cup. And then another feather was added in his cap when he won the 2011 world cup. The in between journey would have been full of preparations, anxiety, and various emotions. That would again be interesting to watch.
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11. Equation with seniors
We all know Sachin Tendulkar is his idol and Dhoni did cry, when he retired. But apart from that, his equation with seniors in the team, outside the team and everything, will be quite a watch.

12. Conflicts with team mates
Now everyone says “You want to be in Indian team, be a part of CSK” or, “If you go against Dhoni, you will be out of the team”. Now these are purely reports and we don’t know how true they stand, but yes it would be interesting to know his conflicts too.

13. Alternative career option
“India wants to know”, what would Dhoni have been, if not a cricketer? What were his alternative career options?

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14. Life outside cricket
Everybody likes to sneak peak into celebs’ life and so we would be popping our eyes to know Dhoni’s everyday life, apart from cricket. How he talks, where he hangs out with his friends and all those little things which makes a person’s life.
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15. His crazy nature
Dhoni sometime back posted a picture of his bike’ s engine which was dirty and then after like 4 hours, posted the picture of the same engine which he cleaned. Now that is how much he is attached with his automobiles. He also owns an Indian Racing team and he still has his first bike. Similarly, we all loved Dhoni with long hair, that, if reports are to be believed, were his obsession. So does he have any other craze? We would like to know for sure!

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16. Rags to riches story
Yes, that is what we want to see – how to convert impossible into possible.
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17. Lifestyle
Now Dhoni has an elite lifestyle. We would like to know that too. His eating habits, he workout habits, his favorite sport apart from cricket, etc.
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18. The IPL scandal
Yes, it’s a story which everybody has made their peace with, but still we would like to know, how the controversy affected his life and was he disturbed, or was he just cool about everything?
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19. His interest in the Army
As he says his first love is country, so what all he does for the Indian army is a hidden story.

20. Future plans
Finally after achieving so much, what are his future plans? We all are curious to know that.

Be it his marriage, controversies or his replies to the press, Dhoni has surprised us every time. Will the Biopic have the same surprising element? Well, we have to wait and watch!

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