This dog returning lost items to passengers of KLM Airlines is the cutest thing ever!

Travelling by air could be stressful. You make all the possible things to make sure you are comfortable in the journey. By the time you reach the destination, often it happens that you misplace your precious belongings and forget to collect them and that’s the toughest task for crew to find out the owners.

In the new KLM Royal Dutch Airlines commercial, you would be glad to see a beagle as the crew member returning the lost and found objects of passengers. The cute doggy has returned iPhones, teddy bears, headphones and other important stuffs. This cute beagle named Sherlok goes under training each day to fulfill the crew’s major task.

Eager to watch? Here it is:

How smart animals are! I would love to get one for myself. Well, if you are planning to fly on KLM, please don’t wait for Sherlok as he was just hired for the commercial! I know, even I was a little upset, but you don’t be. Watch and share this video and that would get you a smile :)