20 irritating things guys do which girls completely hate

Relationships – Teenagers describe it as a beautiful thing (till they face their first break up, of course!). Adults describe it as a learning experience and these days parents and elders describe it as a new thing in !

However one thing in relationship remains common, and that is the irritating behavior of guys! Be it not being punctual or be it their dirty appearance – everything after a certain point of time will be irritating as hell!

Read the following points, I am sure most of the girls will connect it with their lives and if you don’t then you are one lucky girl!
1. Complain about their friends
“He left me alone and went to the movies”, or “he invited everybody, but not me to watch FIFA at 4 Am.”

no food

2. Act totally different in front of your friends

If you genuinely believe in a relationship, have the guts to accept it in front of every damn person or else stop dating. Honesty is something we appreciate! Understand!

dont care

3. One word reply
“K, hmm, all right” are some of the words which we hate to the core!
Ryan Gosling

4. Forgetting things
You don’t forget your match schedules and meeting your friends, but you can you forget some important dates. Wow!


5. Ignoring texts

Though it’s a different story when he texts back, girls feel like the world is alive once again, but trust me when you ignore our texts we mentally break up with you for those few hours.

go away

6. Pull away in public

Yes, we don’t like PDA (Public Display of Affection) too, but if you act like a stranger in public, that’s when we feel like punching you.

7. Getting late

When you get late, we may make our careers, date multiple guys and settle down. So please for heaven’s sake, tell us the correct time to meet, watch movie, hang out and drink coffee.

back to work

8.  Will tell you to complete their work
We have our own chores to do and we simply don’t have time to finish your assignments. We just be nice and don’t tell you often but that does not mean you will take us for granted.


9. Never listening to us
We are simply not like your girlfriends in teenage days who kept on blabbering complaints and asked you whether she looked fat or not. We have crossed that stage and now we talk sense. Listen once, you will understand.


10. Lack of sense of appreciation

Be it anything – our dressing, achievements or even a small gesture to make you feel better, if you don’t appreciate, we do notice that and it is going in your bad books.

megan fox

11. Deliberately dirty appearance

Dude, just to irritate us, seriously?


12. Busy with phone (EVERY TIME)
We both keep busy with our lives. If we take out time amid our crazy schedules then value that and please spend time with us, rather than your phone.

drama queen

13. No sense of gifting

We don’t want a house, a car or diamonds. Simple gifts like flowers or a box of chocolate will make us feel at the top of the world.


14. Flirting with other girls in your birthday party

Worst. Thing. Ever.


15. Just acting possessive

And that too randomly. Trust us, we’re way much sorted to have this.


16. Calling you only when every other person is busy in the world

They wont talk to you when you want but one fine day when everybody in his social circle is busy then they will suddenly realize “Oh I have a girlfriend too, let me call her”. Seriously, you should DIAF.


17. Careless and irresponsible

2 of the most important characteristic which almost every boyfriend possess. Why? We still don’t know but they like it to be like that. Can’t we shoot such people?

18. Ignoring important talks

There will be just one universal answer – “I understand”. You understand? What the hell do you understand?

little manhatten

19. The 180 degree change in behavior
Kills the hell out of us, this one.

leave it

20. Never complimenting

If you need change every now and then, then please date Mannequins and not girls!


Well these are some of the habits which makes your guy the intolerable person on the planet. Still, the love is above all and irrespective of everything, we’ll love you, no matter what!

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