15 things we want to see in Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11

Grey’s Anatomy is here with its 11 season, premiering on the 25th of September. We know the anchor of the show is Shona Rhimes who makes twists and directs the show, the way she wants to. But these are some of the 15 things that we fans would want to see in Season 11, after all, We all have a writer in us!

1. Ellis Grey and Richard Webber’s secret daughter. Now that’s something!
Season 10 ended with a new twist and that was Richard Webber and Ellis Grey’s daughter. Now that’s something! This will be one plot that would grip the audience. It’ll be fun watching Meredith’s reaction. First, it was Lexie and now one more step-sister added to her life!

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2. The most obvious thing we want – Cristina Yang
This woman rocked the show for 10 seasons and now suddenly she goes out of it. Why?! Because she has a better job somewhere else! I mean c’mon guys, how on this earth can the show run without Cristina? Her jokes, her wit, her razor sharp cuts on patients’ chests and her watery eyes were to die for and now no Cristina. Are you kidding me? Bring her back!

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3. Please don’t make Owen the Chief!
Okay, frankly speaking, when Dr. Owen Hunt entered the show, he was a hot and rugged with a bit of trauma that added to his charm. And then he became the Chief of Grey Sloan Memorial and BAMMM, that was it! He lost his aggressiveness and became a more controlled person.
We want the old Owen Hunt back. Make Richard Webber, the chief!


4. New Season with hot new Interns?
Bring some hot new interns now. Period.

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5. Alex and Jo, you need to marry!
It’s been long that we’ve seen Alex and Jo dating. Watching them get married will be fun.


6. Shane and Cristina, please don’t have sex!
Now that Cristina and Shane have moved out of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and they are in a completely new place with new people around, we don’t want them to have sex and sleep around like they did in season 10!

Cristina looked stunning with Preston Burke and Owen Hunt, but Shane Ross?! Give me a break.


7. April and Jackson should stop fighting over petty things
It’s high time that these two grow up. The world has bigger problems and this couple goes gaga over their yet to be born kids’ religion. I mean, Seriously?! The baby who has not even come into this earth full of problems, you’re fretting over what religion he or she’ll follow? Whether he or she’ll go to church or not? Oh God, they both need to grow up before they raise a life in Season 11.

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8. Callie and Arizona and their second baby?
There was a time when Callie and Arizona’s relationship was smooth as buttermm but now they seemed too forced. One more baby could solve that, don’t you think so?


9. Give some life to Bailey
Bailey – The Nazi. Yes, that’s how we like her, and not some aged lady with a bucket full of problems. Where has the I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn, I’ll-Do-What-I-Wanna-Do, Dr. Bailey gone? This season, please don’t give her OCD or a lawsuit. Just let her be – The Nazi!

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10. Shouldn’t Cristina win the Harper Avery this time?
This Season, I pray to Shonda Rhimes (the maker of the show) to please give Cristina her much deserved Harper Avery Award!

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11. Quit your private job, Alex!
One man who needs to settle down is Alex Karev because he’s constantly hopping and thinking about options outside Grey Sloan Memorial. But this time, we want to see him as one of the Board members. Yes, Cristina left him her spot as one of the Board Members in Season 10. And we want him to take it up and quit his private job. Come back Karev!

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12. Can’t get over Burke. Need some more of him
The hot chocolatey Preston Burke and just one episode with him in Season 10? Don’t you think it’s totally unfair? We want more of him- maybe a few more episodes? Please?

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13. Dream episode
Ahem, I know this is quite dreamy, but can there be a dream episode where all the characters from Season 1 have a re-union? Burke, Cristina, Izzie, Goerge-O-Mailley, Meredith, Derek, Alex and the list can go on…

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14. Meredith and Derek, you can’t live apart!
Okay, we know Derek got a new high-fi job with the President, but that doesn’t mean he will leave the hospital and go somewhere else. I mean, what’s happening?! Cristina goes away and now Derek too. What would happen to our poor protagonist – Meredith Grey?
Derek and Meredith, please don’t live apart and stick together this season. We have dealt with a lot of separation and it’s enough!

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15. Cristina and Owen
Keeping everything aside, what we miss the most is the hot-sparky relationship of Cristina and Owen This season, let Cristina come back for a day to make love with Owen Hunt? Please?!

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This was the list of things that I want to see in the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy. In the comments section below, I’d love to know what you would want to see in the next season.

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