You surely didn’t know that you are what you drink!

If you enjoy your drinks, this is the video for you. You’ll be surprised to know how much your drinks talk about you. If water is all that you have, well then it talks about that too. Tequila, vodka, scotch, whiskey, bloody-marry, bourbon, or a fancy cocktail, everyone has their own taste, and your bartender just knows it, because he is your counselor behind the bar. Don’t forget to mention your favorite drink below, and if you have your own secret mix, do share it with us.


Here’s a really interesting video to watch by College Humor. Well, I love my Vodka and Cranberry and  am sure a nice lady! So go ahead and check it out, which drink are you, and please don’t be the boring gin and tonic, you can be INTERESTING if you want!

And yes! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, Because if you really want to be a daredevil, then remember circuses are always hiring ;)