Kudos to Kalki for refreshing disability and sexuality in this masterpiece

Believe me or not, the “Girl in Yellow Boots” actress, the brilliant Kalki Koechlin has come up with one more gem. In “Margarita, with a straw” she is the protagonist named Laila, a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy. A student of DU, and an aspiring writer who writes the lyrics and creates electronic sounds for an indie band at the university.

Despite of the disability, she is never thrown back by the depression. She is a complete package of energy and enthusiasm and lives the life like other women. Ignoring few prejudices in her life, she moves to New York for studies where she falls in love with an activist. Thus she embarks on a journey of sexual discovery which obstructs the relationships between her loved ones.

Watch the this awe-inspiring video here:

 “Margarita, with a Straw” by Shonali Bose is one of those stories, that is hard to find in the Indian Cinema. With the great script, direction by Bose and with the great acting skills, Kalki has done it again, inspired and won millions of hearts by contributing the package enveloped in a shape of a movie.