15 things we learnt from the shows of Zindagi

The prayers of those who were fed up with shows that are infinitely long and full of unnecessary drama were answered when ZEE launched Zindagi that airs the best of Pakistani telly shows and movies. And oh boy, what a brilliant retreat it is for the Indian audience.

I totally love the shows and hope you do, too! Here are 15 things Zindagi taught us:

1. Extreme close ups are not really required to get your point across!
Yes, that’s right! A telly show minus the multiple shots of the actor’s face laden with make up can also bring across the point of a story!


2. It is better to have costumes that are more real!
Rather than a costume that leaves you wondering if anyone would dress up like that in real life, costumes that are more ‘real’ life like can make you probably make you more engrossed in a show.


3. Just like the costumes, it’s time we turned down the notch for loud make-up and jewelry.
The actors on the Pakistani shows aired on Zindagi were applauded by the audience for having the bare minimal makeup and simple jewelry.


4. Telly shows that are shorter are better.
The shows on Zindagi taught us that the shows that run for as less as 25 episodes are far more better and loved.


5. No one likes the hype!
The shows opened our eyes to how much we hate all the hype surrounding any important event from the character’s life on the show. We have witnessed weddings in the shows that can go on up to a month!

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6. All stories do not have to revolve around the saasbahu plot!
Zindagi has taught us that versatility and creativity come by their brilliant story lines that are not limited to saas-bahu dramas.

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7. We miss the good old Indian telly shows!
Many of us have realized how much we miss those old Indian telly shows that never had to use loud makeup or costumes to get our attention. ‘Hum Log’, ‘Buniyaad’, ‘Nukkad’ and other shows of the bygone era are being missed for their simplicity and catching story lines.
Such is the after effect watching a good show on Zindagi.

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8. The lives of Pakistani families in your living room!
There were many of us wondering what a household in Pakistan would like. Zindagi showed us that through their shows which were more realistic than a Hindi reality show.

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9. ‘Glamorous’ and ‘actor’ don’t have to be synonymous
Zindagi’s shows have us a peek at talents so great that they did not need the sham of glamour quotient to make them popular. Respect.


10. Munni does not have to take the trouble to be badnaam!
A show or a movie is still brilliant, even it does not have a disturbingly dressed vamp or an item song.

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11. Zindagi’s shows score a perfect 10 on background scores & title tracks!
You will be amazed how much a good background score makes a difference to the video. It’s high time we hired composers and got some original tracks rather than a track from our mighty Bollywood.


12. You use Urdu words like it’s nobody’s business.
You try to use at least one word in Urdu word in your conversations. All thanks to Zindagi.

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13. Intimate scenes do not mean steamy scenes!
Yes, that’s right! The shows aired on Zindagi have successfully showed us that intimate scenes CAN be shown without the heavy heaving and uncomfortable saree malfunctions.

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14. Bye Bye stereotypes!
Yes! The shows revolve around Muslim families and no, they are not always quoting ‘shayris or singing ‘qawwallis for entertainment.


15. You don’t have to use an innuendo to be funny.
The sense of humor of shows on Zindagi is a refreshing treat. It is clean and witty.

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