23 reasons why Modern Family is the complete Family!

After winning 5 Emmy awards each season for the Outstanding Comedy Series, we have no doubts about how hilarious the Modern Family is. They are coming up with Season 6 on Sept 24th. While you wait for it, let’s check out what makes them like us or maybe even more weird!

1. All parents lie to their kids. Some stories are really crazy…

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2. Sibling rivalry is very common!

Alex- Modern Family


3. Everybody has expectations, which might not come true!


4. Every kid does something stupid


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5. But when parents are so supportive, why not go ahead?

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6. Though you might have a pushy, obnoxious mom!
She doesn’t know yet!

Obnoxious Mom

7. If they are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you, which is okUntil your mom says so

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8. You don’t realize your talent until you take risks
Like when Mitchell, an environmental lawyer won all the criminal hearings of his on the spot clients, it made him want to be in the courtroom again.

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9. Dogs are family members. Period.


10. That’s why they can drive you crazy too


11. Kids know that parents know
You just can’t tell them directly

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12. Your parents will compare… Even if they are gay!

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13. There is no such thing as an ideal couple, you just got to make it work

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14. As a parent, you will need to answer awkward questions

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15. But it’s all worth it,  for they have some of the most amazing things to say, always!

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16. Not every girlfriend/wife is romantic
“From agony to ecstasy…”


17. Neither is every teenager a man
Let alone a man of romance.

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18. You have no clue how to make your parents happy
But you did. :p


19. Parents have no clue what ticks off the kids
Ah! Never mind.

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20. No matter how old you get, Mommy/Daddy issues don’t leave you..!




21. Parents think they are cool
Let’s not break their delusion!

Phil Source

22. But In the end they are always looking out for you

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23. In the end every family needs realists and dreamers!

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So do you love Modern Family too, and are waiting for the next season? Do share this article if you do and in case you have your own reasons of why you love the show, I’d love to know in the comments section below!

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