15 things you’ll only understand if you’re bad at self-praise

The world is a platter of opportunities and the ones who know how to describe themselves have a faster growth. But there is a whole lot of people who don’t like to boast about themselves. It becomes difficult for them to say things in self-praise as they find it totally unnecessary.

I too can’t market myself well in front of others, and I know how it is for all those who are like me, who know they are good and yet can’t speak it out to the world. Rather, they silently wait for opportunities to arrive where actions would be considered more important than words. And bang! That makes all the difference. So catch some of the most common things that we ‘Non-Self-Marketeers’ feel and face every day!

Some things only those who can’t market themselves will know-

1. Interview Blues
‘Tell me something about yourself’ is the toughest question ever asked in an interview. I can describe anything and everything in this world, but not me!

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2. You see other people talking about themselves all the time
And you’ll be silently judging them!


3. Bosses underestimate you
You know you can do a job better, but you feel shy in telling your boss – “Listen, I sing well, write well, do everything well. Just because I don’t say it, doesn’t mean I don’t know it”

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4. A part of friends’ conversations
When your friends will talk more about you in front of others and you’ll be like – “Umm, no, no, nothing like that”, but you’re dancing inside and saying, “I know how to do it!”
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5. Workplace Woes
You see people with better self marketing tactics at much greater heights and you’ll be like – I wish I could talk more about myself!


6. “Will it look nice if I speak about myself?”
That’s one question that tears your brain apart.


7. It becomes embarrassing man!
Speaking about yourself to anyone would embarrass you.


8. No, I am not arrogant!
You don’t want people to misunderstand you to be an Arrogant Ass.

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9. Realizations happen all the time
After spending time with people who speak more about themselves, you’ll realize that they actually know very less about themselves.


10. Write about myself? Yes, why not?
But when you are told to write something about yourself, that’s your moment of glory.


11. Safe answer in interviews
“I can’t market myself well”, sometimes becomes the best possible answer in an interview when you’re asked to speak about your weaknesses.


12. Not always, though!
But sometimes it backfires and you are asked to leave. End of the story – you lose the job!


13. You’ll spend hours talking to yourself and build imaginary situations in your head.
“I am the trend-setter, I am the best and better than the rest who don’t know a thing.” And you’ll be like – Yo Yo! I can even RAP!


14. Yes, he’s good!
You are good at praising others and sometimes you help them in front of your seniors and colleagues. But you too want someone to speak about you and that hardly happens!

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15. But you believe that actions speak louder than words
Yes, you know your success will be a long run scenario, it won’t be short-lived.


You have more points to add to this list? I’d love to know, in the comments section below. Meanwhile, if you too are bad at self-praise or know someone who is, share this article with him/her!

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