Sonam Kapoor goes bare breast for the sexiest Vogue magazine’s April issue

The charming and fashionable lass, Sonam Kapoor has never failed to bowl us over with her gorgeous outfits, amazing makeup and fashion shoots. While Sonam was off to Paris for the Armani show, she got a photo-shoot done for Vogue India magazine which documents her trip to Paris and her encounter with the designer. The actress has boldly posed for the sexiest shoot ever! Sonam shared these pictures on twitter and instagram which later her PR agency revealed that the images are the inside pictures of Vogue Magazine’s April issue.

The unbuttoned suit!

Is it white or lavender? We do not care! She looks classy as ever.

sonam vogue 3_0

Sheer class!

sonam vogue 8

Drooling over her style!

sonam vogue

How about this?

sonam vogue against the maroon background

The closeup. That Face!

sonam vogue 4_0

Does it look like she was down with the swine flu? No way!

sonam vogue 5

Here’s Sonam with the man himself!

sonam vogue armani

Still like to see the April issue of Vogue magazine? Here you go.

sonam vogue cover


Need we say more!?