#MSG Gurmeet Singh in trouble: ex-follower said he was brainwashed to chop off his balls

Do you remember a while back IndiaTimes had reported a story on Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh; that he sweet talked his follower into castration and they are taking legal action against him? Well, he had made them believe that the surgeries were done for the female followers to feel safe and not fall prey to any sexual abuses.

For those of you who do not know who Guru Gurmeet Singh is, this is his Twitter bio –

Spiritual Saint/philanthropist/versatile singer/allrounder sportsperson/film director/art director/music director/script writer/lyricist/autobiographer/DOP/

CBI is all set to put a case against him with regards to the testimony provided by all these men who were castrated. One of these men, after gathering courage finally spoke to the Daily Mail and opened up. This man named Hans Raj Chauhan was among those 400 who got castrated following the orders of Gurmeet Singh.

What made Hans Raj Chauhan chop off his own testicles?

He said he was brainwashed completely and was made to understand that this will bring him closer to God. He was just 19 when he received the instructions from the Dera Sacha Sauda head to get his testicles removed. It is pretty obvious that Hans cannot have kids, cannot start his own family, often finds it hard to have sex and is leading a terribly painful life. Understandably, his parents are equally sad about him never being able to have his own family. What’s more, about the other men who went through the similar torture, he said, “they’re all too scared to speak out, we’ve been blackmailed into keeping quiet, but I’m not afraid any more. I can never marry or have children and I am no longer the man I used to be. My life has been ruined because of him.”

He also said that the surgery happened 3 years after (in 2000) he joined the Dera and that the Baba had come to his place to tell his parents that he should become a religious man. Surprisingly, his parents didn’t question this and sent him away. If we talk about his present condition, he is in deep agony – he suffers from hormonal imbalance, loss in body and facial hair, and development of breasts.

How exactly was he brainwashed? 

Hans said that before the operation was going to happen, he was given extra sweet attention by the Baba than the other followers. He believed that this will bring light to him; today he thinks he was a fool to believe so or trust him.

Later, for as many as 15 days, he was hospitalized. He knew that it was too naive of him and too late to ask any questions. He couldn’t turn to anyone and believed that his future was ruined. Not only that, he said that the Dera never let him leave and that they are the ones who decide when and how one can come and go. They control your fate and destiny.

The after-effects of castration were – 

Hans had become one of the most trusted men. He said that only the ones who were castrated had the access to the main house. He quite obviously became one of them.

This made him feel suffocated and pressurized like never before. He ran away and went into hiding. After 3 years he found out that many of his former Dera colleagues had also left. He now is courageous and doesn’t fear of anything happening to him. He has faith in our nation’s judiciary and believes that justice will be done.

What we have to say is, why to trust in anybody else, rather than yourself? How can a Baba enlighten you by castrating you? It’s high time we start giving importance to education and chuck all the blind beliefs. As for such Babas are concerned, we hope justice be done.

This news is sourced from IndiaTimes.

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