Raj Babbar lashes Giriraj Singh for his derogatory statement on Sonia Gandhi

Twitter is such a beautiful place, it lets us know what is trending in a limited span of time! Today, it is none other than Raj Babbar who is trending. Someone who isn’t aware what he has done might be surprised as to why he is trending today.

raj babbar trending

Remember the gem of a statement by Union Minister Giriraj Singh?

“Had Rajiv Gandhi married Nigerian, would she be leader? Had Rajiv Gandhi married a “Nigerian” woman instead of the “fair-skinned” Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party would not have accepted her as its leader.”

Well, Raj Babbar who is also a member of the Indian National Congress party, didn’t think twice before ranting about it on Twitter. Here’s what he tweeted –

raj babbar loses his shit

In case Mr. Babbar has forgotten, we’d like to remind him of the legendary statement he had given, back in 2013 –

“It is possible to have ‘full meal at Rs. 12 in Mumbai’ even today.”

In which case we can suggest a similar treatment for yourself too, Raj Babbar. What do you think about his statement? Do let us know in the comments section below.