15 social causes for which we must speak up, NOW

There are so many times when we come across such things where we know they’re absolutely wrong. If I start listing down those social issues where people like me and you should stand up and speak up against, it’ll take an eternity – be it from ignoring someone getting molested in public to seeing someone littering.

Let’s just face it, we all know when we need to speak up for a cause. It might happen that you could be the first person to stand up for something which you must. It might happen that others will take a while to support you. What I can assure you is that if not immediately, then surely, people will understand. I have tried to bring out those causes where I think you and I should speak up, right away.

1. Speak up – when you see someone littering
Where our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is running the Swach Bharat Mission for a beautiful India, we still have people who litter in public. The next time you see someone throwing away wrappers or any other waste, go to that person and speak up. Let us all be a part of this noble cause and make our country a better place to live in!

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2. Speak up – when you see someone smoking in public
India is a home to 12% of smokers all over the world. Government is mulling to keep a fine of Rs. 20, 000 for people who smoke in public. Smoking is as injurious to someone who is not smoking, but is standing beside someone who smokes. Till the Government passes this fine, make use of the law which states smoking in public is banned, and speak up when you see someone smoking in public.

smoking ban in public


3. Speak up – against all kinds of sexual abuse
I don’t want to insert any statistical figures of the cases reported and those which never got reported. Not only women, but we keep witnessing a lot of cases of child abuse. All I want to urge you is, if you happen to witness any, speak up. You could be a savior. Now is the time we stop hesitating and start taking a stand against this.


4. Speak up – against child labor
Yes, child labor is illegal in India. But have you not seen young kids working at tea stalls, hotels and garages? Yes, I have. Do you love to fire crackers? Sivakasi, which produces 70% of the nation’s firecrackers is a place where so many young kids work. Read: This Diwali, stand for the cause of humanity by celebrating it in these simple ways, and see the video which shows how kids work there. Next time when you see a child working, speak up.

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5. Speak up – against corruption
Maybe one person initiating this won’t make a difference, but someone has to start. Yes, we’ll face a lot of problems by not giving bribe but if this is not the correct time to put an end to bribery, I don’t know when will it be the correct time.



6. Speak up – when you see someone disobeying the traffic rules
Are the hazards and lethal results of not following the traffic rules unknown to anyone? Most of us are in a hurry. No, all of us are. We all want to reach to our destinations on time. If we break traffic rules to reach early, we might end up not reaching at all. Better late than never, remember?


7. Speak up – when you see female fetuses being killed
Yes, we have laws against determining the sex of a fetus, but abortion cases because of a female fetus are countless. India has reached Mars, but it still has to come a long way when it comes to saving the girl child. Raise your voice, speak up against this.

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8. Speak up – when you see someone still asking for a dowry
The cases of exploitation of women because of dowry demands keep coming every day. Again, this is an illegal thing but it is very much persistent. Stand up, and speak up against it.


9. Speak up – when you see trees being cut down
If you can’t take pains to grow a tree, at least take pains to stop people cutting down the trees across the roads or anywhere that you see. Speak up, when you see trees being cut.


10. Speak up – when an animal is being abused
No seriously, abusing animals is not fun. Beating them because you think it is funny is not a joke. Throwing stones at animals cannot be accepted. STOP it, and speak up.


11. Speak up – against domestic violence, irrespective of the gender of the person being exploited
Not just women, but many men too are the victims of domestic violence. Do not let it happen if you know someone being exploited. Speak up.


12. Speak up – on social taboos like menstruation, sex, superstitious rituals and so on
Don’t let these taboos ruin us. Educate your children about them. Let’s not be ashamed to talk about any of these. Let’s speak up.

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13. Speak up – against anyone disrespecting homesexuality
Homosexuality is not a crime. Please don’t discriminate on the basis of a person’s sexual choices. Everyone is entitled to have their own choices. Speak up against people who fail to understand this.

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14. Speak up – against inequalities based on gender
This is not the time where we discriminate people based on their genders, but it is the time where we walk hand in hand towards development. Be it a male or a female, both are supposed to have equal rights. Don’t stop our daughters to grow. Speak up.



15. Speak up – against complexion obsession
Fair is not always lovely. These 2 attributes have got nothing to do with each other. Whatever your complexion is, you are beautiful the way you are. Don’t get carried away by the fairness obsession. Speak up, if you know someone being discriminated because of his/her complexion.


Now is the time you start speaking up. Now is the correct time. Do not wait and speak up for a cause. If not now, then you might never be able to! Watch this video “Ab Montu Bolega” by  Strepsils which teaches us to speak up for the causes we must. Don’t hesitate about anything. If you have to, speak up. For more information on the same, visit www.abmontubolega.com

This post is brought to you in association with Strepsils. If I have missed out any causes where you and I should speak up, let me know in the comments section below and let us discuss it further.