This hilarious video on celebrity crackers will leave you in splits!

The biggest festival of the country has begun along with its celebrations. Celebrations which start from cleaning the house, preparing sweets, buying clothes, jewelry, meeting relatives, bestowing blessings and not to forget, crackers, which are loved by children and youngsters and to make them a hit in the market, manufacturers name them on our celebrities.

You all are aware of them: Kareena phooljadi, Katrina 555, Sonakshi Anar and so many in the list but…

Have you ever watched a video on Retarded Celeb Crackers describing each types of crackers you buy? I guess not. Watch how amazingly the cracker suits a particular celeb name. This is going to be a hilarious moment:

Haha, I am still laughing at the Amitabh Bomb Comedy. I am sure you too loved it. Do share this with your friends and relatives and ask which celebrity cracker they bought ;)