This music tribute to A.R. Rahman by students of Boston will close your eyes in love and respect!

This year A.R. Rahman would receive one of the best Diwali gifts. At a concert organised by the Berklee College of Music on 24th October, the music maestro will receive an honorary doctorate from the institution. This concert is to honor the living music legend!

A.R. Rahman is very enraptured to be honored by the college and the students are too excited for the concert. They have made two videos to show how swaying his music is and how much he is loved across the world. You would fall in love with Rahman sir again and again, and again and again!

Watch this awe inspiring tribute to Rahman sir by the student group called Berklee Indian Ensemble:

In this video the amalgamation of violin, guitar, drums and bells with a pitch perfect voice by the singer would just make you close your eyes in respect and love. Students from the Music college not only honored the music legend, but also made a special video which would show you the Rahman mania from Kenya to Indonesia, Greece, Chile and Japan to USA. Watch the video here:

Let’s read what Rahman sir said and quoted in Berklee Music College Article : “I’m deeply moved to receive an honorary doctorate from such a distinguished school which has contributed so much to the world of music. I’m especially proud and honored the college is graciously establishing a scholarship in my name for future generations of musicians to follow their dreams.”

There are so less words to describe my love and respect for this music legend A.R. Rahman. Hats Off!

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